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As mentioned in my previous entries, my husband and I are very hands-on parents. Even in Chelsea’s school, I believe I have made that kind of impression with my co-parents. I have even been elected secretary of the Parent and School Committee. I accept the position gladly. More so, I would be happy to contribute in whatever way to better and improve their learning environment.

A week before Linggo ng Wika, Chelsea’s teacher asked me if I could facilitate for an hour of the 2 hour class and boy, was I so excited! She said that I would have to read them a Filipino storybook and to prepare fun activities for the children. I got so excited I think I overwhelmed the teacher with all the ideas I had in mind! Haha! This was not new to me because I have been doing this at home with Chelsea. I love doing arts and crafts with her. I enjoy thinking of different fun exercises we can do together. Since I was only given an hour, I prepared 4 different activities. Actually it was just supposed to be 2 but I just couldn’t resist!


  1. I read them a story in Tagalog. – I actually practiced several times! with feeling pa ha! hehe!img_7849



  2. I helped them make Graham balls with various options for design. – i had to choose something easy and fun and a little messy (most 3 year olds like messy!) 




  3. I bought plain traditional mini pamaypay (for girls) and mini sombrero (for the boys) for them to paint in 3 colors. 



  4. Coloring of the Philippine flag for their take home loot! 😉 – smiley for the boys and flowers for the girls! img_7949img_7950img_7951

My husband helped and assisted me the entire time. It was a family affair. It brought so much joy to be able to be part of the Linggo ng Wika celebration. I was able to spend time with my daughter and her classmates.

The best part of this experience was when Chelsea said – “I am so proud of you mama!

You did a good job!”.

Sobrang sarap marinig galing sa kanya! Napaka-priceless talaga!

Knowing that they enjoyed and had fun truly makes it all worth it!

Plus they awarded me with a certificate pa! I hope I get asked to do this again!!! 😉

img_7933 img_7935




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  1. Madel Person

    Hi Miss Nikka. I have been a reader of your blog since I saw you on TV sa Magandang Buhay. You inspire me a lot! You make me imagine what it feels like to be a mother one day. I was married last year but we are still trying. I love your ideas and thoughts. Please write more! ♥

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