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02 February, 2017 - Family | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship

I have said that I grew up as an only child. Yes I did and I am…in my mom’s side. But I do have 3 beautiful sisters on my dad’s side – Tyra, Lyca and Bianca. They are based in Dumaguete so I don’t really get to spend time with them as often or as long as I would like to. We have gone on a couple of trips to Dumaguete for 4-5 days long but that’s about it. I didn’t really understand what being an older sister meant until…

Late last year, my 17-year-old sister, Tyra Angela needed an “Ate” so I decided to invite her to come and stay with us for an entire week during her semestral break from school. It was going to be her first time to travel to Manila by herself and she was definitely nervous but exceedingly excited. I too was very excited to have her stay with me. This was going to be a first and I was going to make sure that it wasn’t going to be the last time. I wanted her to have loads of fun but at the same time, I wanted my dad and my tita to be secure enough to entrust my siblings in my care. The minute my papa sent me the ticket of my sister, I took out a pen and paper and started making an itinerary. I filled up her 6 days of stay. Bringing her to Michelle’s school early every morning, going on movie dates, attending our Bible study group, enjoying a day in Enchanted Kingdom, experiencing night life in Manila, and simply allowing her to experience our daily routine in the family. We were set! I wanted to make sure she was fully booked!

As we were nearing her day of arrival, I was getting quite nervous. I transformed the room of Patrice by making sure it was extra clean, comfortable and complete for her. I went to the grocery and made sure that she had options for her meals. I made sure there was cable, really cold aircon and changed the showerhead in the bathroom, even bought fresh flowers in the room, etc. I wanted to impress my sister. I wanted her to be as comfortable as ever. I wanted it perfect.

I did all of these things and I think it was appreciated. But I learned something, being a sister goes beyond all of these things. Out of the 6 days we had together, we had one full day all to ourselves. Just Tyra and me. We went to the mall, watched a movie, ate out and shopped a little. It was on this day that I really got to know my sister. I was able to watch, observe, and get to know the beautiful person that she is. This day ended with us talking in the room as she revealed to me her likes – books, jokes, crushes, problems, solutions, dreams, passions and the like. In other words, it was during this time I felt like I was really a big sister. Who would have thought that before all of this, I thought I knew how and I got it all covered but the reality is, I didn’t. Being called her “manang” (ATE in bisaya) was something I’m very much used to but I really only felt it recently. Being a “manang” is being there for her… regardless of distance and environment.

(A day of just Tyra and myself… lunch, movie, shopping, and just sister bonding!)

(Photos below were taken when we met with our beautiful cousins….)

(L-R: Graziella Villegas, Gabriella Villegas, Tyra, Pat, myself, Mika Villegas Resurreccion and her husband, Erico Resurreccion)

(Photos below were taken during our Tuesday Bible study where she met our very fun cell group family)

(Photo above from L-R: Tyra, Patty Hing, Caleb Zabarte, Miguel Hing, Michelle, and Drea Hing)

(Photo below- Our beloved Tuesday Bible Study family… incomplete in the photo though)

(Photos below were taken when we took her to watch the musical play – ANNIE! It was so good! Super enjoyed it.This was Michelle’s first play and she loved it!) 


I am very thankful to my dad and my tita teri for allowing this long overdue bonding to happen. My tita teri, who has been nothing but an amazing mother to my sisters and a fab tita to me, I couldn’t have asked for a better wifey for my papa! You have been such a good example to me especially in dealing with my current situation as a tita to my husband’s son. I am grateful!

I enjoyed every bit of her stay with me. And also I learned a lot from it.

What made an impact to me is when Tyra expressed how much she looked forward to the next time we will be able to spend quality time together.

Ty, I LOVE YOU!!! You are incredibly precious! Do not ever let anyone make you think otherwise!! this coming February 9….. ADVANCED HAPPY HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I am a “manang” to 3 amazing girls!!!

I have a responsibility to ALWAYS be there for them.. and I happily will be!

(L-R: Lyca, Tyra, Michelle, Bianca and my Papa. Taken when we went to Dumaguete last year)





  1. Susan Tagle-Albarracin

    Hi Nikka! I am your Papa’s classmate since grade school til high school at Silliman U . I dearly know your mama , too (Mickey).

    I’m so blessed with what you published last Feb 2,2017. You truly inspired me with you unconditional and Godly love towards your siblings, your papa and your family. You depict a good example of a Christ-like being, witnessing to a struggling adolescent . I am so glad the Lord used you to guide and mentor her as a “Manang” should be. You are doing great, Nikka! Kudos 🎉👍!!! I pray that the Lord continue to use you and Patrick mightily in the realm of family, lifestyle, relationships and many more. You both are so adorable❤️!

    Please give my regards to your mom😘.

  2. WanderWoMoM

    Hello Nix! I could totally relate. I am also an only child, BUT I have siblings with both my parents. I grew up with the siblings with my mom’s side and it wasn’t until Coco was born when I got really really close with my sister. My brother is another story. I haven’t met my younger siblings with my father because they are in the US, but I always pray to God to allow me to meet them, including my father whom I havent seen for the last 25 years. Growing up, I always envy my friends because they have a kuya. I’ve always wanted one. Lo and behond, I actually have one. My father has child before I was born. We may not be updated with each other’s life that much, he and wife is very busy as they work at News and Current affairs in ABS, but I have a niece who is much closer to my age (me and my kuya have a huge age gap!). There’s my niece whom I got really close with, I am even a Glam-ma to her little boy now.

    Glad you had so much fun with your sister, and hopefully, sisters in the future! happy birthday to her too!!

    xx, margaux

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