A yearly challenge

19 August, 2016 - Travel

“Why spend so much for a party which lasts a couple of hours? Why not travel with your family? Experience, learn, enjoy, make memories that last a lifetime.”

Makes sense doesn’t it? I heard this from another Mom whom I look up to and admire. When she said this, it struck me. She’s right and I want to do the same! Instead of a yearly birthday party, I want to travel with my family. It doesn’t matter where. It doesn’t have to be far. Each trip will always be new. I promised myself that I will try to bring my children to a new place every year, at least once a year. Of course they can still have birthday parties during “milestone” years (1,7, 13 and 18?) but other than that, I am committed to travelling with them.

This is such a good idea. I challenge myself to fulfill this exciting yearly commitment!

(video above is special to me because it is our first trip with baby Patrice)

So far…so good! 😉


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  1. Fredylyn

    This is also a yearly challenge for me. And the sad part, some people dont come after saying they will. It already happened twice and we were left with so much food. This year for his 8th bday we just took our son to a dinosaur place here in Alberta, Canada. He liked it but he wished to have celebrated it with his friends.

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