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Two months before giving birth to our daughter Chelsea, we moved into our new home. We were so excited to experience running a household together and to have our baby that marriage was not really talked about. I never really brought it up because I was SHY. Hehehe! Though I remember making a joke or two about it. I really just wanted to take it one step at a time. No pressure on my partner and myself.

My husband and I are both Born-again Christians. We both grew up in a Christian family. BUT it was only when we started to take our walk with the Lord seriously that we started discussing about marriage. Our Bible study group had a lot of influence on this because they consistently reminded us of its importance. Of course I wanted to get married! Other than the fact that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Pat, I wanted to be able to raise my daughter in a complete family (all present kumbaga –something I didn’t have).

Our spiritual mentors also encouraged us to attend marriage seminars to know the kind of commitment that takes place and if it’s something we can do. We were obedient and did all of these things, but at the end of the day…. I’m not the one who gets to ask the question so….. wait ang lola mo… silently… na di obvious (hehehe!)


It was an ordinary Sunday morning. As part of our Sunday routine, we woke up early to get ready for service in Words of Life Christian Ministries. I remember preparing Chelsea’s clothes, giving her a bath, preparing and feeding her breakfast and rushing to get ready as well. When we were all set, we rode the car and left for church. There was absolutely nothing unusual about our morning. At all.


When we got to church, I saw my entire family (although this was not new because my family would come to our church every now and then so we can all worship together). Pat’s mom was there too (but she also naman joins us sometimes). His Dad and the Kramers were out of town/country that day. Going back, we started service with praise and worship. It was amazing! Never fails to move me to tears! I love being with family. More so, being able to worship together. We were asked to sit down and our Pastor said that someone was going to give a testimony of God’s goodness. He welcomed to the stage “Patrick Garcia”. Ohmygoodness…. I got so shocked. I was thinking, “impromptu testimony? How come he didn’t tell me? Is he prepared? Whaaaaaaaaaat?!”. I was confused. But hey, I’m not the one on stage so keribels! He went up. He started it with how good and faithful the Lord has been and continues to be…. Then he asks me to go on stage… Believe me when I say, I did not know what to think or what was going on. I was soooooo nervous. I was actually kinda scared. I was clueless. I was not prepared plus hindi manlang ako nakapag-pablow dry! Ano ba!!!! What was he thinking!?!?!?!


Next thing I know…. He said the words – “….It will make me very happy if you’d allow me to make it right with you and most of all if we could make it right with the Lord.” He kneels and asks me to marry him. All of a sudden I could hear myself saying – YES! YES! YES!!!! Parang out of body experience!


JULY 27, 2014 – That USUAL Sunday turned into one of the most AMAZING days to my life!





Actual video below.. ;p

(Video above was taken by my now mommy Bing. Did you hear her  side comments “sana kasya, sana kasya..”? hehehe CUTE!


…And so our hashtag #patnixforever began ;p


IMG_2563 IMG_2562

(With our Pastor.. who is also our mentor.. who is also our ninong.. who is practically family!)IMG_2580


BLUE SAPPHIRE… my ex fiancé’s birth stone <3





  1. Juls

    I enjoy reading your blog especially this recent one. It’s romantic and funny. Natawa ko sa part “di man lang ako nakapag pa-blow dry, Ano ba?” Hahaha 😄. I have been a fan of Patrick ever since the 90’s. I’m glad to see that he had found his soulmate in you. You seems so kind and understanding. Take care of each other, God Bless your family ☺️

  2. charlene

    perfectly made for each other 😍🙏🏻 you’re such an inspiration.. Keep spreading love, goodvibes and kindness
    God bless your good heart Nix ❣

  3. Paula

    You are one cool and funny lady! hahaha.
    Hooked up in your blog ever since. I am still single. Single and traveling at 33. 🙂
    God really surprises you di ba.
    See you one day Nix. God bless and more travels for you and your family


  4. Janna

    This move me to tears. To be honest I was a fan of Pat and Jen and you came along. At first I didnt like what happened as to why Pat didnt end up with Jen but I then realize that God really works in mysterious ways and It gave me an answer. Its because, (you) Nikka is and was existing that God just simply hand held you for you Pat. Its indeed true that all things work together for good for those who believes in Him and called according to His purpose. God bless Nikka

    Janna your new fan from Dumaguete. 😊

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