Who Am I

I am a Born Again Christian who decided to get into blogging to share with you my life journey as well as my testimony with the goal of giving our Almighty God all praise and glory.

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I am Bisaya. I was born in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. Even though I grew up here in Manila, my heart has always been Bisaya.


I am a college graduate of the University of Asia and the Pacific with the course IMC. I used to work in the corporate world but decided to stop. (Actually my husband asked me to stop when I gave birth to our sweet Chelsea… oops sorry, Pat)



I am the wife of Patrick Garcia, an actor and businessman.

We have 2 beautiful girls: Michelle Celeste “Chelsea” (3years old) and Nicola Patrice (5months old).



I am a mother – VERY hands-on with my children. Yes, I have help but they are there simply to assist.



I am a full-time homemaker who doesn’t know how to cook…YET! But I will learn :p …in time!


I am a breastfeeding advocate. I breastfed Chelsea, directly and purely for one year, before I started pumping and mixing with formula. I am currently still breastfeeding my Patrice. I will definitely have entries on my breastfeeding journey eventually because this is something I am so passionate about.



My husband and I are praying for at least 2 more babies (God willing!). We will try early next year so as to keep the age gaps of our children close that they may grow up together (something I never experienced because I am an only child).


A little trivia about me… when I was little, every time I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up – a doctor? A lawyer? A businesswoman? … I always answered, “to be a Yaya.” I wanted to take care of people. Little Nikka apparently knew already then – my ultimate desire was to be a Mom. What’s amazing is that I have with me a fantastic, supportive – need I say handsome (?!) husband who is my cherry on top! God is good! Always!