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25 May, 2017 - Baby | Beauty | Family | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship

About two months ago, I came across a new product that I wanted to try out before sharing with all of you. I wanted to see whether my girls’ sensitive skin would react to it or if it would be as gentle and natural as its promise.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous entries, I am a very hands-on and quite “OC” kinda Momma. I won’t try out a new product just because everyone is doing so. I would rather stick to the tried-and-tested with my girls and if I do find something interesting, I try the products on myself first. I have come across many “natural” products before that did not work well with me (I got rashes and hives) and so that has made me extra extra careful especially when it comes to my girls. Now that you have an idea how I am as a Mom, let me begin to tell you about this product.


This summer has been oppressively HOT. Even with continuous aircon running, it can still be quite a challenge staying cool. I mean, our whole house isn’t fully airconditioned, so once you step out of the room… baaaam! Instant pawis! I remember growing up, my Mom would put baby powder on me to keep me cool. So I thought “hey I should do this for the girls.” I wanted to find something that would keep my daughters’ skin fresh and moisturized.


When I heard that Belo Baby came out with a talc-free powder, I felt that I found what I was looking for. Dra. Vicki Belo is a Mom who has a beautiful baby girl and I am pretty sure that she formulates her products to be as safe as possible for her daughter to use. The many times I have seen and held Scarlet Snow, I’ve got to say she is a very effective endorser!


Going back to my story, I tried the product for myself first and I’ve got to admit, I am enjoying too (take note— I AM! Which means I’m still using it also!!! Hehe!). I’ve observed that even with a lot of activities, the powder does not make “buo-buo” and keeps my girls’ skin fresh, dry and soft! I also like the baby-smelling scent it has, not too strong but just right. Plus the fact that it comes with a puff for easy application. It is formulated without talc, gluten, phthalates, parabens, dyes, and most common allergens with a promise of all natural ingredients and 0% harmful chemicals. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested! I have definitely found the product I am looking for!


I definitely recommend this product to my co-mommas! It’s tagline “ Crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms” fits perfectly with the product! This is a good discovery for me, for my girls and I hope it works for your children too! #BeloBaby

Belo Baby Talc-Free powder is now available in leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide. You may also buy now here : https://tackthis.co/shop/Belo/category/belo-baby and enjoy free delivery until May 31 with a minimum purchase. (Price: 65g – Php 219.75)


Website: www.belobaby.ph

Facebook: belobabylove

Twitter: @belobabylove

IG: @belobabylove



  1. Jessa Palacio

    I hope it will work well with my baby too! She’s so pawisin but i am hesistant to use leading baby powder because of the issues about it. Can’t wait to try it! Thank you Ms. Nicka!

  2. R. Dizon

    A great recommendation Nix. <3
    Thanks for sharing! Your babies are both adorable #prettypatrice and #mybellemichelle.
    Their smile make us smile also. A wonderful woman like you deserves a healthy and happy family. ^_^
    Never will I get tired reading your future blogs I really appreciate it.


    Dra. Vicky Belo as well as others will absolutely appreciate this amazing Belo Baby Talc-Free powder blog. 🙂
    I hope Scarlet Snow and your beautiful kids will have the chance to bond that is cuteness overload!

  3. Maria Laarni Joyce Centeno

    You really are an inspiration, ♥Nix. I enjoy reading your blogs, and you inspire me of creating my own (hopefully soon). Your girls are sooooooooo cute! Especially #mybellemichelle, so smart and talented! Hugs and kisses for both of them. :* May God bless your beautiful family, always. <3 <3

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