05 November, 2016 - Family | Motherhood

As mentioned in my previous entries, my husband and I are very hands-on parents. Even in Chelsea’s school, I believe I have made that kind of impression with my co-parents. I have even been elected secretary of the Parent and School Committee. I accept the position gladly. More so, I would be happy to contribute in whatever way to better and improve their learning environment.

A week before Linggo ng Wika, Chelsea’s teacher asked me if I could facilitate for an hour of the 2 hour class and boy, was I so excited! She said that I would have to read them a Filipino storybook and…

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29 October, 2016 - Lifestyle | Technology

My husband, Pat and I have always enjoyed watching movies together. As far as I can remember we would sneak in movie dates to the cinemas weekly. This was before we had our girls. When they came along, we were still be able to sneak in a nice movie once in awhile during times when our girls take their naps or when they go to bed early, but hardly ever in the cinemas. Mostly we watch from home. We would binge watch different TV series and movies (altho this would be limited to whatever would be available on cable TV). During weekends, we see to it that…

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25 blissful years!

15 October, 2016 - Family | Lifestyle | Relationship

Our Pastor and his wife, who are also our godparents at our wedding, are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this coming Saturday, October 8. This couple has been such a great influence to Pat and me, especially when it came to our relationship with the Lord. They have ALWAYS been there for us. They have witnessed how we have matured and grown in our faith and they continue to mentor us, reminding us of the importance of putting God first and having Him at the center of our lives. We treasure this couple and their children, who have also become our extended family. We feel God’s love…

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My husband and Me

08 October, 2016 - Family | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship

You know how they say that when you get married, you and your husband become one? You should present yourself as ONE decision. Both of you against the world kumbaga. Easier said than done… I know. My husband and I try to practice this every chance we get…

Recently, however, I realized something even more beautiful in what we have…

So many things have happened since we got married. We’ve had to do some major adjusting here and there. We’ve learned the art and value of compromising. All of which I was warned would be part of our lives after the “I…

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17 September, 2016 - Family | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship

September is a month full of special celebrations. It is the birthday of my papeekins who celebrates in heaven and whom I miss every single day! It is also my beloved husband’s birthday. Every year I try so hard to make it oh so special! I just want him to know how appreciated and loved he is especially on his birthday! How timely that it was going to be a long weekend and so we decided to head up to Baguio.

We rented a coaster so that my entire family (around 20 of us) can all travel together. It was our first time to rent one…

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