29 January, 2017 - Family | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship | Technology

A lot of people would ask me where I found our household help. I used to get from a particular agency but I learned that it is so much better to get from referrals from the helpers of family. Because I am a full time mom, I am able to observe, watch closely and train them to do work according to my preference. However, I also give some space to allow them to express themselves and work the way they prefer for as long as they get things done. I always make an effort to make them feel like they are part of our family and not just employees….


29 October, 2016 - Lifestyle | Technology

My husband, Pat and I have always enjoyed watching movies together. As far as I can remember we would sneak in movie dates to the cinemas weekly. This was before we had our girls. When they came along, we were still be able to sneak in a nice movie once in awhile during times when our girls take their naps or when they go to bed early, but hardly ever in the cinemas. Mostly we watch from home. We would binge watch different TV series and movies (altho this would be limited to whatever would be available on cable TV). During weekends, we see to it that…