25 June, 2016 - Motherhood

They say that the second pregnancy is tougher and more painful than the first. I heard this a lot! Heck, even my own OB warned me! But you know what, I had the exact opposite experience the second time around. Believe it or not, my second pregnancy was way easier than the first. In fact, I don’t even remember feeling pain (not exaggerating one bit!). By the way, I had C-section for both pregnancies.

First pregnancy—


The first and second trimester for me was TOUGH! I vomited everything I ate, every time I ate. Each time I would vomit, I would just eat again and eat more so that the baby wont get “hungry.” I think I took to heart the saying “I’M EATING FOR TWO”. Everything was doubled! I gained 85 lbs. YUP… a whopping 85lbs. I did not hold back on my food intake. What I craved for, I got. What I wanted, I ate. What made this worse is that my husband would tell me everyday how sexy and beautiful I was even though I knew I was not. Haha! Plus, Pat gained a lot too so who cares? We were not fat, we were PREGNANT. :p


I wasn’t so worried about the weight I gained because I knew I could workout and diet after giving birth. All I cared about was making sure that my little peanut was growing healthy and happy just like Mommy!! Morning sickness? I had All Day Sickness! But despite the nausea, the vomiting, and the weight gain, I was such a happy buntis! I remember having a distinct funny-sounding laugh that made everyone around me laugh! My Mom actually told me I was so much fun to hang around with when I was pregnant. (Pag pregnant lang?!)




Fast forward to when I first saw my sweet beautiful angel, Chelsea. I held her and made her latch immediately but I started vomiting so they took her away and cleaned her up. The next thing I knew, I was in the recovery room, groggy and extremely dizzy. They said it was the effect of the anesthesia. The next day the anesthesia was completely out of my system and everything was so painful! I am allergic to latex so I couldn’t use the binder therefore I had zero support. I had sooooo much milk tho and that was just a huge blessing but nobody told me breastfeeding would be excruciating! I did not think it could be so painful! My nipples were cracking, it had wounds, it was bleeding. They were literally as hard as rocks resulting in high fever. What had I got myself into?! I was overwhelmed! With the pain of my C-section wound, my breasts, my nipples, the discomfort from my weight gain plus my hormones were just going berserk. I totally underestimated childbirth or maybe I was just so naïve and unprepared. I pumped so much milk but Chelsea refused to drink from the bottle (we bought and tried so many different kinds, if not ALL kinds of bottles and nipples, hoping she will drink from one but nada!) I would just bite my lip everytime and make tiis the pain I felt when she would latch. I took it one day at a time constantly telling myself that tomorrow will be better. There were times I would just cry when Chelsea would cry. I would cry with her because I felt so helpless, tired, unsure, insecure, incapable and so on. I remember I would say sorry to my Mom everyday for all the misbehaving I did in the past. Mama would just laugh and would tell me I was forgiven. It was during this time I was constantly in touch with my Mom. We lived quite far from each other but not one day passed without us talking. It actually brought us closer than we already were! She was my emotional support, my encourager, my bestfriend, simply my Mommy. My husband was amazing too. As I struggled, he never left my side. He was there 200% both for me and the baby. More for me, the bigger baby. I could not have done it without him!



As days, weeks, months passed, it got better naman. I eventually adjusted and got the hang of it. I started researching and reading more about breastfeeding and its benefits, baby massage, baby product reviews etc. That made me feel like I knew a little more than before. I continued to pump and store milk hoping she would one day take the bottle (eventually donated most of them). For an entire year, I was just with her all day, everyday because of direct and pure breastfeeding. I was committed to giving her only the best and that’s my milk! 😉

I learned so much from my first pregnancy! What an experience! All the pain I felt… All the tears cried… all the pounds gained… everything was WORTH IT. Chelsea is absolutely worth it!!!!!! <3


Second pregnancy—


When I was pregnant with my second child, Patrice, I was a little bit more careful with what I ate. I knew better now so I was more prepared. Again my first 2 trimesters were tough. Same as the first, non-stop vomiting and all day sickness but as soon as I hit my last trimester I went back to being the jolly, extremely happy preggy girl with the funny-sounding laugh. The “eating for two” saying stuck around. Hahahaha I still gave in to all my sinful sweet tooth desires and all sorts of cravings. Didn’t deprive myself from enjoying the pregnancy at all.

Happy mommy=Happy baby in tummy. Grumpy mummy=grumpy baby in tummy! Take your pick!





Fast forward to my due date. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I have amazing doctors who assured me and comforted me the entire time. They told me what to expect every single step of the way so I was good and ready. I knew I was in great hands. Plus my husband was right beside me, holding my hand. Before I knew it, there she was, my beautiful ray of sunshine! My Patrice! Who immediately latched on to me, just like her Ate. I was awake the entire time and I was not dizzy at all. Managed the after effect of anaesthesia better this time around. The following day I was discharged and ready to go home.



I was so excited. I could not wait to get home, hug my Chelsea! Be home with my husband.. my Chelsea and my new baby Patrice!!!!

One of the most priceless moments for me, the picture that will forever be close to my heart- seeing the girls….Chelsea and Patrice finally together! Thank You Dad above!





  1. Nadhilah

    Oh nikka! Such an amazing story. Look now im so gigil seeing patrice. love ur family and babies so much. God bless

  2. Kate

    Hi Nikka! I love your family! I was just wondering though why you had a c-section with your first pregnancy and why you didn’t try VBAC for your second?

  3. Angelique Elardo

    Beautiful write up about your pregnancy journey mrs. nikka garcia. I will be looking forward more of your blogs soon. You have a beautiful heart mrs. Gracia. You are an inspiration.

  4. Jolly (~_~")

    Wonderful entry!!!

    Same with you, after I gave birth (normal delivery), I asked my mom why did nobody ever tell me about the “after delivery pain”? Although I was having epidural, I requested the doctor to lower down the dosage before Aedia came out coz i don’t wanna be numb and I WANT TO FEEL THE BABY COMING OUT OF ME!!! 😊 that feeling was fine; the pain was tolerable. But when the anesthesia was totally gone, there goes the unexplainable pain that we had to endure because our babies need us. Being a Mom is a Wonderful Journey!😍

    Keep your posts coming! ❌💋❌💋

  5. Pia Marie

    You’re so sweet Mrs. Garcia.😃 I Super Duper like you. Not just beautiful but a kind person also. Im excited to know your beauty regimen.😊

  6. Ikay

    Sobrang nakakatuwa talaga story mo ate nikka nakaka proud basahin ,plus childhood crush ko pa po si kuya patrick hehehe . i also have two lovely daughters , direct latch din sila . Sobrang nakaktuwa ang family nyo sa snapchat ,ig , fb 😊 Im a FAN 🙂 stay bubbly ,pretty ,loving mother ang wife to Mr.Garcia More blessings te Nikka thanks po sa story 😊

  7. Myla Velasco

    Hi nikka i follow u on instagram” Thanks for sharing i love reading your blog..u and patrick are amazing couple…” I had the same experience both cs too… Keep posting more stories ….ur babies are soo adorable ..

  8. Quenevie Tan (Queenie)

    Love it… I Can truly relate on what you’ve been through… I’ve given birth twice like you… My first born is 5 yrs old and second is 5 months old today same sila ni Patrice. That’s why I have been stalking you on instagram. Hehe.. Been looking for inspirations to get through the first few months coz even if it was my second time already, it’s not the same experience as the first.. But i’m glad to say that Me and my baby princess have adjusted already. She’s been a happy baby like Patrice who loves to giggle and snapchat… Hehe… Keep it up Nikka.. You are doing a great thing, that is to spread inspire people to keep them going… #ProudBisaya #Life #ProudMotherofTwo

  9. Marie

    It was all a wonderful journey, but we think youre just making a blog out of your blessed happy family to make Jhen insecure of not having their family complete with Patrick. You dont need to to shout to the world how good Patrick is as your husband because everyone knows how he and his family abandoned the pregnant jennylyn, a time where jazz mother’s needs him most. While you are creating blogs and non stop postings of how beautiful family you have, I am one of the happiest for you. But the other way around, you know deep inside your heart that the husband you are most proud of, isn’t the best dad to hid son Jazz. How bout working about that?

    1. Nikka Garcia

      Hi Marie. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I totally understand your opinion and i can see your sincere concern for Jen and Jazz. I want you to know that I have no desire to hurt anyone. I write only to share my journey as a wife and mom. This is who I am. Thank you again and God bless you more.

  10. K

    Hala, si Marie bitaw kay nagpa-angay2x… Ka-good vibes sa blog ni Nikka, unya magpa-sibya lang kalit. Ngano kaha? Bilib ko nimo Nikka, padayon lang sa imong pagka-bootan. Anyway, kabalo ang Ginoo nga limpyo imo konsensya and imong intensyon is para lang mag-share sa imong experiences. Affected kaayo ang uban tao. Mag-blog na lang pud unta sila para malingaw sila no?

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