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You should know that I am probably one of the cheesiest persons you will ever meet. I get “kilig” even in the most “baduy” circumstances. I have always been and will always be in love with even just the thought of love.

Having said that, imagine my excitement planning every single detail of my wedding day. Surprisingly, my husband felt the same way I did. He was completely involved and was by my side the entire planning process. He was present in all meetings and gave his inputs here and there! (I won the jackpot with him no?) Actually everything about our invitations was his idea. Who would have thought huh? :p

This was it! This is what I used to daydream about since I was a little girl. I’ve known the design of my wedding gown since I was 10 years old. I had envisioned how this day would be and practiced it in my head countless times. This was THE day, my very special day!


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I do not mean to brag but I’d have to say that our wedding turned out to be even more amazing that what I had in mind. It surpassed expectations and went beyond what I thought was already my ultimate dream day. It was everything and waaay more! From the smallest detail of how the dishes would be served all the way to my gown. EVERY SINGLE THING was absolutely perfect!



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I remember our wedding day like it was just yesterday. I know exactly how I felt from the bridal march, our first dance all the way to when we walked back to our suite. I remember it clearly and thinking about it never fails to put a smile on my face.

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On this day, I was extremely full of our Father’s love. He clearly reminded me of how crazy in love He is with me to grant me the desires of my heart. It’s amazing how He continuously encouraged the both of us to press on because getting married was the right thing to do. It was good. It was a blessing. 6 months of planning was surprisingly so much fun (I was the complete opposite of a bridezilla! Yey!) and quite easy. I didn’t feel stressed at all. Oooops! I did pala, once! I felt stressed when it came to finalizing the seating arrangement (since then, I promised to always RSVP in all future invitations… it’s the least all guests can do! Yes? ;))

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MARCH 21, 2015 was the day I saw my dreams unfold right before my eyes. It was one beautiful day! However, this day and the entire journey before the actual date would not have been possible without the help of the best group of suppliers a couple could ever wish for. They exceeded expectations, delivered way beyond what they needed to PLUS they made sure that everything was PLEASANT for us. “Patnixforever” team.. you will forever be close to our hearts!

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Below are our suppliers who have become our friends—


  1. Niceprint photography – our photo and video team (from prenup til the actual day)
  2. TBE/Teena Barretto Events – our sweet coordinator :p
  3. Jazel Sy – my prep robe, my gorgeous gowns (both ceremony and reception) and of course my little bride’s gown as well (which Chelsea did not want to remove)
  4. Gideon Hermosa – our event stylist
  5. LST – our lights and sound tech
  1. Celline Bautista – the gowns of my entire entourage
  2. Lloyd Arceo – Patrick’s suit
  3. Printsonalities – our invitations
  4. Studio on Wheels – our photobooth
  5. One Sweet Day – our candy buffet
  6. Bottled Up – cake jars as our giveaways
  7. Knotville – our giveaways
  8. Jerome Go – our dear host
  9. Spoiled Groom – they pampered and spoiled Pat and his best men on the morning of the wedding day
  10. Instamug – our special giveaways to our principal sponsors (personalized pillow sets)
  11. Steven Doloso – my fab make up artist and Bonita for ma hair 🙂
  12. Hiyas Jewelry- my gorgeous earrings for both ceremony and reception
  13. Juan Carlo Catering- super duper yummy food with such appealing presentation 😉
  14. Bethany Dream Cakes – our cake with our fave Bible verses 🙂

Blessed, blessed, blessed! That is what Pat and I are …to be able to have met all of you! Our endless thank you’s for being a part of our special day. <3

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    1. Nica

      Great story! I cried a little. It is so amAzing that In every blogs you have, God is always being lifted up. You are such an inspiration.

  1. Jhanna

    Beautiful wedding photos!!! <3 So nice of you to include Jazz's pictures here in your blog. Always been a fan of you Ms. Nikka. Continue to inspire people 🙂

  2. Mom

    Remembering the journey leading to your big day has brought tears to my eyes… tears of absolute joy! So much love! You are blessed Nik!!!😙

  3. aezel cabrales

    Waaaa live this post! I can relate since i just had my wedding this month. Suoer exciting ang preps here and there. Stay in love nikka 🙂

  4. Esther

    Always praying for d Garcia FAM may dad above continue to bless ur union many more years of unconditional n eternal love luv u ms.nikka

  5. WanderWoMoM | Margaux

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hearts all over! i pray that God will always guide you both and bless you with 2 more!! 😘

  6. Lyra Adorias

    So Sweet and Kilig Love Story of yours ❤️❤️❤️ please post more Stories Mrs. Garcia. Your Family is such an Inspiration. God Bless Garcia Family..

  7. Lyra Adorias

    So Kilig and sweet Love story of yours Ms. Nikka ❤️❤️❤️ Post more stories please 😄😄😄 Your family is such an Inspiration ❤️❤️❤️ God Bless Garcia Family 😘😘😘

  8. Jemm

    I’ve been stalking your IG ever since. Whenever I open the app, it’s always your page I open first. It makes me happy whenever I see new posts.
    Now you have a blog, I have a new “tambayan”.
    I love your wedding photos, can’t get enough of them.

  9. Quenevie Tan (Queenie)

    Such a beautiful wedding… Patrick is so lucky to have you Nikka. ❤️ God bless your family always… Can’t wait for your next blog. 💘 #ProudBisaya

  10. Hershey King

    I’m just so happy knowing that my “ultimate crush” (since Ang TV time!) is being blessed by having you as his “WIFE.” Both of you are truly inspiring! Keep the flame alive. Nakakainggit ka Nix. Huhu! 🙂 #stayinlove

  11. Kaye Cabansag

    Hi Ms.Nikka! i enjoyed reading everything you wrote! you inspired me everday your story is so nakakakilig.

  12. Ching Jayme

    love your blog Nikka! You are such a lovely person inside and out..keep inspiring! Godbless you and your wonderful family..:)

  13. Janna Agnes

    Waaahh!!!! Ni sakit akong liog ug niyoko ga basa pero ganahan kaayo ko. More please!!!! If mauli mo sa dumaguete pwede mag pa fan sign? And pa picture ni yourbellemichelle and prettypatrice? Please keep us posted. I love reading your blog.

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