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A lot of people would ask me where I found our household help. I used to get from a particular agency but I learned that it is so much better to get from referrals from the helpers of family. Because I am a full time mom, I am able to observe, watch closely and train them to do work according to my preference. However, I also give some space to allow them to express themselves and work the way they prefer for as long as they get things done. I always make an effort to make them feel like they are part of our family and not just employees. Today our family is blessed to have found the proper mix of personalities that work well together and this makes our household peaceful and almost always stress free. But this was not the case in the beginning….


True Story…


We had a driver who had been with us for the longest time… even before I gave birth to my first child… before we even got married. We trusted him. He knew the kind of people we were and vise versa. Or so we thought. We believed we shared a mutual respect and trust for each other. After all, he was practically family. But all that changed a couple of months ago. The trust was broken and the respect flushed right down the toilet. My husband and I found out that while we thought we were considerate in allowing our household help to rest early at night, he abused this privilege and started drinking sessions with the rest of the help, assuring the girls not to worry about us finding out since “sya na bahala kay mam at sir”.  It didn’t take long for one of the girls to tell on him. We were so heartbroken. I could not believe all that happening right under the very roof where my precious babies were supposed to be absolutely safe from the world outside. I could not hold back my tears. This “trusted” one was asked to leave immediately. It took me some time to get over this incident but I’m glad to say, with the help of our loved ones who keep us steady when life tries to rock the boat… and of course, although I’ve never been called a “techi”… this time I have to say thanks to gadgets and modern technology!

I used to think cctv cameras are an invasion of one’s privacy, but truth be told, it’s when it’s used for its proper purpose that you end up truly appreciating it. After that heartbreaking experience, my husband and I decided it was never going to happen again. And so began our partnership with QSEE. They helped us with all our cctv requirements and taught us the proper way of installing our cameras without crossing lines and boundaries. We couldn’t be happier! The service has been amazing and the use of our system is as easy-breezy as it gets. This is not a tool to spy on my helpers (no cameras in the rooms of course) it’s simply to make sure everybody feels safe in our home. I highly recommend you partner with QSEE to feel safe too!!! For me, so far, so good!!!!

Some facts about Q-SEE :

  • #1 CCTV company in the USA
  • This is a USA Brand
  • Downloading the App on your mobile is free
  • Free mobile viewing anywhere in the world (as long as you have an active internet connection at the site of installation)
  • High Definition Cameras
  • Night Vision Function
  • Built in Motion Sensor
  • Clarity that you can truly see!



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