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10 January, 2017 - Lifestyle | Relationship

I think it was around August when Pat and I received an invitation from Kaye and Paul Jake for us to witness their “I do’s” in Cebu. We were so excited that 2 days after that invite, we were booked! I love weddings in general, what more if its someone close to our hearts! Pat and Kaye have always been close. They go way back – from “Tabing Ilog” days to many more TV shows that followed. Because of this, we got her as one of Michelle’s ninangs during her dedication and since then Kaye has become part of our family. We have been in constant communication since the dedication and I couldn’t be happier for her and her now husband, Paul Jake!

We initially considered bringing the girls to the trip but we thought – Hey! Maybe we could honeymoon round 2! You know, get a little break! Enjoy the wedding, dance the entire night, drink as much wine (OK not! hahahaha! I don’t really drink much, if at all. By the way, now that I’ve already stopped breastfeeding directly, I could really indulge if I wanted to :p), have a little fun – just the two of us – for the first time since we had children! The thought got us so excited that we made arrangements with my Mom who right away agreed to take care of the girls. So we extended one more day! Hahaha! Originally, December 8-10… changed to December 8-11, o diba!?


Fast forward to the day of our departure, I was excited. But leaving home was so hard for me! I thought my children would cry and beg us not to go but they were fine! I was the one who wanted to cry. I kept explaining that we were only going to be gone for 4 days and I think I kept doing it to assure myself and not the girls. Michelle even told me “ Mom, I got it. See you on Sunday.” Why is it so easy for her!?!? Hay naku… It was me, I had attachment issues! Getting into the car to go to the airport was for me the hardest step that day (OA I know but please understand, for 4 years, we have not been away that long from the girls. More so, out of town pa!)


As soon as we got to the airport, the worry lessened. Thanks to my mother dearest who assured/told me to stop making kulit, and to make the most out of our trip. Exactly, what we did! 😉

We got to Cebu, and immediately, I felt like I was home away from home because of the kindness of the Cebuanos and the instant connection I felt since I too speak the Bisaya dialect. The reception of the wedding was going to be in the Radisson Blu Hotel so that is where we checked in. But first… lunch! We went straight to the hotel restaurant and had lunch with many of our common friends, who were also checked in for the wedding. During lunch, I knew that this mini vacation was going to be a whole lot of F-U-N!

The first night we had dinner with Dr. Steve Gan and his wife and some of the doctors from the GAOC Cebu branch along with Nikki Valdez and boyfriend Luis Garcia, Jason Abalos ,Vickie Rushton, and Victor Harry. All I can say is – LOVE THEM ALL! <3 After dinner, the girls went straight to the penthouse suite of Kaye while the men went to Paul Jake’s and stayed there until it was time for her to get her beauty rest. I remember the night before my wedding day… Jitters and butterflies galore. Sleep was incredibly challenging! So I knew exactly what Kaye was feeling. It was nice to witness that feeling again. Brought back a whole lot of amazing memories I truly treasure. Kaye had a glow and seeing her beautiful bridal gown at the corner of her room, my excitement just continued to grow. She was going to be beautiful! PJ is all sorts of lucky! Hehe!

December 9, 2016 — THIS IS IT! #CastillonasiAbad! This was all about Kaye and Paul Jake! This was their day! It was amazing! (I shall let the pictures do the talking from here!)

The after party after thee PARTY!…… 

December 10…Because we had so much fun the night before, my husband and I stayed in the hotel the whole day the next day. We watched a movie, had a massage, ordered room service, swam a little, took pictures, slept again, and ate again. It was refreshing. It was good to have spent an entire day to just talk and hang out – just us two. Though we were missing the girls so much already and trust me we probably did a million video calls throughout our stay. We like our “WE” time. We needed that. And I’d like to believe we deserved it!

December 11 – it was time to go home. Our flight was at noon so we were able to take our sweet time waking up, enjoying breakfast buffet before checking out and going to the airport.

The next time we go to Cebu, we will bring the girls. We will be back and when we do, we will explore more of its beauty. Until then, thank you for 4 sweet days <3


To my kumare Kaye and PJ, congratulations once again!!! Praying for you both to have plenty mini Kayes and mini PJs real soon! All our love to the both of you!



  1. Terry

    Woow! I really admire you nikka.You are the one i will look upto when i get my family in future *Godwilling.The way you love ,care and everything to your family is just awesome.
    Am always following your every posts 🙂 🙂 🙂
    With love ,
    From Kenya

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