How low can you go?

05 September, 2016 - Family | Lifestyle | Motherhood

In the last few years since I started my social media accounts, I have slowly gotten used to the bashing and the haters and the trolls. I know that this is part of social media and having a public profile. I did, after all, get married to an actor so I knew/expected that I would experience it one way or another. I am fully aware that you cannot please everyone. It is impossible and there is no point in trying. I’ve learned to stay true to who I am and just be my most authentic self. A lot of times I am able to brush off the harsh words but there are times when posts can really get nasty and they hurt.

Case in point… bashing babies when they themselves have children of their own. What gives?? Is there a baby contest I didn’t know about?? Its shocking how low people can go. How can anyone find it in their hearts to say negative things about babies or children?? It makes one realize that we really do live in such a fallen world. It is sad to live at a time when people – cowardly hiding behind the anonymity of the internet – pull each other down and go as far as to drag the innocent down with them. And guess what is even more heartbreaking?? These bashers/haters/trolls/disgusting creatures more often than not have a Bible verse on their profiles!!! Grabe talaga. It takes a lot to let go, to not type terrible things on their walls, to say “Lord, ikaw na bahala.”

Having said all that, I pray that we can all just start lifting each other up. Can you imagine the transformation that will actually take place if we all decided, instead of bashing, to say a kind word? Would you agree that our world would definitely be a better place? Let’s stop the hate. Enjoy life because it is beautiful and there are a million, trillion reasons to be grateful than hateful.

Have a blessed week, everybody! 🙂


#loveALWAYSwins #beKIND



  1. Mercz

    I feel so sad about your post earlier, Ms. Nikka. The act is so inhumane. People nowadays, are really letting their mouths dominate them. Hay, may God really bless them. Keep the strength and positivity in life!

  2. Janine

    You really inspire me Ms. Nikka of all your blog post. I loved reading all of it. You’re a very kind and dedicated mother to your children, a wife, daughter and a friend. Godbless you always!

  3. Ej

    Hi Nikka! I just came across your blog this week and since then, I stop by everyday to read past blogs. I find your sharings very honest and genuine. Please continue to inspire us with your kindness and positive vibes. The world needs more people like you to light our already shaded world. You know you inspire me to be a better person 🙂 May our Lord God continue to bless you and your Family.

  4. churchill

    Hi nikka.. intriga lng ko s imong background when i came across with your pictures on instagram together with the kramers since i am a big fan of that couple. So ako gitan aw tanang pics nimo and you look so beautiful. So ako na pud gi search imong name and blog s google and there you were writing different stories of your life but the first thing i tried to read was your love story and how you met patrick. I was so shocked and amazed how you guys became intimate. I so so love your story that i can not get into sleep knowing there are still remaining stories i haven’t read. I really salute you and patrick too of how strong and faithful you are to God. Wish i could get a reply from you

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