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09 July, 2016 - Baby | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship

If you read my “about me” page, you would know that I am an only child. Both my parents had me when they were pretty young. Realizing that they were not meant for each other, they went their separate ways. Of course, I stayed with my Mom, but I was raised by my maternal Grandparents. I called my Grandfather Papeekins because he was the only Dad I knew. He provided for my needs, spoiled me rotten by giving me everything I wanted, brought me up like his very own child – his youngest daughter. Oh how I miss him everyday!


Being an only child and because the age gap between me and my Tita and Tito was big, I usually played alone. Yes I had friends in school but most of them had siblings. I couldn’t help but feel a little lonely growing up. My husband naman had the complete opposite growing up. He has 2 siblings – Chesca and Pichon. He is extremely close to his sister. Chex is only a year older than Pat so they practically experienced and shared everything together. Kind of like the childhood of my Tita and Tito – also only a year apart. From toys, to having crushes, to making gimmick and the list goes on. Although Pat and I had different “environments” as children, we both agreed that our children will be close in age so they can be each other’s barkada.



(Photo above from L-R): Patrick, Mommy Bing, Chesca and Pichon IMG_2365

(Photo above: Patrick and Chelsea, Chesca and Gavin)

What sealed the deal was when we saw Chelsea playing by herself in her room, creating a dialogue by herself. I know, I know… its ok to play alone but I just felt it would be more fun if she had an actual playmate, like a sibling.






IMG_2076 IMG_8306

Patrick and I had Chelsea when we were still dating. How I wish we got married first and did everything properly (is that the correct term?) but it wasn’t the case. After I gave birth to her, we wanted to make things right. We wanted to live a life that is pleasing to God and also to our families and the only way to do that is to get married. And so we did!




My husband and I prayed for a baby soon after. We wanted Chelsea to have a playmate, a buddy, a best friend, barkadas for the rest of their lives. God granted our prayer right away because a month after the wedding, we were pregnant!

On January 16, 2016 I gave birth to our cherub #2, our dearest Nicola Patrice.

IMG_6545 IMG_6573 IMG_6635 IMG_6637 IMG_6645 IMG_6651 IMG_6654 IMG_8307


We are praying for another baby perhaps next year?…early next year daw?! Maybe? ;p

It would be quite cool to have a baby boy this time. But you know what, no matter what God’s will is, whether He gives us a boy or another girl, or if He will even still give us another baby… no matter what happens, I am and will be grateful. I am blessed with 2 amazing beautiful girls. My heart is full! Everyday I thank You Lord.




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  1. Mary

    Hi Nikka! i enjoyed reading everything you wrote! you inspired me everday…God Bless your hearts desire! <3

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