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Because many have asked and continue to ask…


I would like to share with you my beauty routine. I am not sponsored so there will be no bias in my mention of products here. :p


1.I don’t really put on make up (if I do, there probably is an occasion)

–I make sure my skin can breathe. As much as possible, I keep it bare. I’m glad my husband likes minimal make up or better yet, clean and bare.

For everyday look, I just use my lipbalm, or gloss, or the most lipstick for color. Sometimes I add on cheek tints for a little color. Oh yeah, and concealer if I need to cover theeee eyebags (hi to all moms with newborns..and toddlers!) _DSC0123


2. I wash my face with water and Cetaphil soap as many times as I please.

–Ofcourse this can’t be done when you are out doing errands. But when I am just working from home, I go to the bathroom from time to time especially when I start feeling oily, sweaty, or simply to refresh myself. My face is quite sensitive so Cetaphil is what works for me…. Ever since!



3. I do not wipe with a towel.

–I always use tissue paper(the soft one ofcourse) and I simply DAB the tissue around my face. I don’t wipe it dry completely.



4. I always moisturize.

–I have a love affair with lotion. I love lotion – body and face. I make sure that after I wash my face with cetaphil and water, I apply moisturizer. I use CELETEQUE Dermo Science facial moisturizer with SPF 15 during the daytime and CELETEQUE Hydration facial moisturizer at night before sleeping.


(eeeek, messy hair, don’t care?! excusieeee!)


5. If I have make up on — I use PONDS perfect care cold cream as make up remover. Then I soap my face and neck with PONDS Age Miracle facial foam. I usually wash 2 times every time I have full make up. After, I moisturize again.



6. I always drink plenty of water.



7. Even if I don’t sleep straight throughout the night (…I am still breastfeeding), I make sure I catch up on sleep in the morning or during siesta time.


(okaaaaay, I wasn’t really sleeping in the photo above but my husband insisted i take a “sleeping pic”! ;p)


These 7 steps are what I follow for many years now. I hope I was able to help you or simply give you ideas how to care for yours! I will let you know if anything changes in the future. 😉

Much love ladies!

*All Photos taken and directed by my one and only 😉



  1. thea

    Hi Mrs. Garcia, thanks po for sharing your beauty regimen, ask ko lng po kung ang gngmt nyo na ay
    Celeteque Dermoscience Sun Care Facial Moisturizer SPF15 ung yellow bottle po?

  2. Jackie Golez

    Thanks Ms. Nikka for sharing. I started following you and enjoy reading your blogs because of your good heart. I admire your sincerity. You are an inspiration to a mom like me. 🙂

  3. Anj

    Hi Ms. Nikka, your skin is my “skin goal” because it looks so naturally flawless. Thank you for sharing with us your beauty regimen. God bless!

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