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08 October, 2016 - Family | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship

You know how they say that when you get married, you and your husband become one? You should present yourself as ONE decision. Both of you against the world kumbaga. Easier said than done… I know. My husband and I try to practice this every chance we get…

Recently, however, I realized something even more beautiful in what we have…

So many things have happened since we got married. We’ve had to do some major adjusting here and there. We’ve learned the art and value of compromising. All of which I was warned would be part of our lives after the “I do’s”. And true enough, just like any other married couple, we’ve since had our ups and downs…

Pat and I are opposite in many ways. Confeermed!!! Opposites do attract!!! Let me give you an idea – I am a major cheese-ball, he is not! (He is slowly becoming one since we got married though… so yay for me!). While I tend to be “a little” impatient (ehehe), he has an endless supply of patience. I like to do things right away, and he likes taking his sweet time. I was born the worry-wart while he, the calmest person ever! I am a transparent person who has a hard time hiding (?) my feelings, while Pat… well… he’s an actor so… there ya go!!! Oh and yea, I cannot live a day without sweets while he can do without it for the rest of his life! Basta may sili happy na sya… I can go on and on with the “opposites”… But not until recently, did I start to see how beautiful this “opposite thing” truly is.

It was an ordinary day. I was doing my usual routine of sterilizing bottles and toys when my husband pulled me and hugged me out of nowhere! Okay so yes kilig naman ako. While we hugged, he said, “thank you for being strong when I am weak and thank you for allowing me to be strong for us when you are weak. I am grateful God gave me someone who perfectly balances me.”

Looking back to when we started, I realized that as we have been made “one”, we have continued to be our same individual selves. We have managed to make our “opposites” work for us to make us better TOGETHER. I still agree there are many times it seems easier said than done but I know now what they mean when they say:


We don’t need to ever change who we are when we get married.

Opposites or alike can work, if you both decide as ONE.








  1. Ikay

    Hi Ms Nika , I’m ikay 😊 sobrang nkaka inspired ka ,mula nung finollow kita sa ig then dito sa blog mo dami kong natutunan hehe hindi ako showy sa partner ko fo 10yrs lagi nya nirreklamo sakin yun kasi mahiyain ako heheh ayoko ng napapahiya ako pag nilambing ko sya. Pero nung nkita ko na maganda pla ung ganun so ginawa ko na kahit in public sobrang natutuwa sya, kaya eto napapayag na din ako pakasalan xa kahit civil lang, meron kami two lovely kids , our eldest is 8yrs old fm xa , and etong youngest namin is 8months ka age ni prettypatrice january 28 naman xa and dahil din sayo na push akong i breastfeed sya sobrang happy ko kasi healthy din xa and cute like patrice , sobrang lagi ko tinitignan ung milestone ni patrice and dumating sa point na minsan ginagawa ko mga headbans and pananamit nya sa baby ko hehehe 😂 and yes! Opposites do attract ganun din kami ng hubby ko sobrang opposite , sana mas marami kapa ma inspired na tulad ko 😘 Godbless u and your beautiful family 😊 ps. Hi kay kuya Patrick sobrang crush ko sya nung bata ako hehehe ngayon mas crush na kita hehehe thank you 😊😘

  2. Hannah

    i like the “endless supply of patience” – haha… i feel you Ms. Nikka,, sobrang galing ni Lord magmatch diba, He really knows who is better for us.:) God Bless po

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