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September is a month full of special celebrations. It is the birthday of my papeekins who celebrates in heaven and whom I miss every single day! It is also my beloved husband’s birthday. Every year I try so hard to make it oh so special! I just want him to know how appreciated and loved he is especially on his birthday! How timely that it was going to be a long weekend and so we decided to head up to Baguio.

We rented a coaster so that my entire family (around 20 of us) can all travel together. It was our first time to rent one and it turned out pretty well. We all headed up to Baguio at exactly 7am and arrived a little after noontime – including a couple of bathroom stops and a take-out breakfast run. Our 5-hour trip went by so fast! I guess it’s always like that when you are having lots of fun.… and to think our trip had only just begun! 😉

Iba talaga ang hangin sa Baguio! I love the smell of the pine trees! Seeing so much green around you is truly a sight I will never get used too.



We checked into our Baguio home away from home, the family favorite – The Manor in Camp John Hay (CJH). After settling down, I had to take a moment on our patio to really take in so much beauty from my surroundings. A constant sweet reminder of how MARVELOUS our God is! We basically just stayed in our hotel room. Did a couple of trips to the commissary, but spent most of the time in the hotel. We relaxed, ordered room service, played games with the children, allowed them to have a movie night while us adults bonded with some wine, cheese and crackers to end the day.

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Pat and I purposely woke up at 6am the following day to go walking around the gardens. It was definitely a walk to remember. We were able to spend quality time – talking about future plans, reminiscing about how we got to where we are, how to improve and meet each other’s needs. Top it off with the cool weather and beautiful scenery… It was just LOVELY. Shempre we raced going back to the hotel and ofcourse I won! Hahaha!


As soon as we finished breakfast, we all decided to go horseback riding right by The Filling Station. It was going to be a first for Chelsea as she couldn’t be more excited. It was around an hour ride on a trail… A must do for all first time Baguio visitors I believe.

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Patrice on the other hand, stayed with my mom while waiting for us to finish…

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The entire family ate out for lunch and spent time together the entire afternoon sharing kwentos over fresh fruits and chips and salsa. In my opinion, Baguio has the most delicious strawberries, rambutan, and mangosteen. We basically took it easy. No pressure. No agendas. Just bonding at its best… the ultimate bonding experience no less!



(This little one enjoyed her very own massage too! hehe!)


It was an early night since the kids wanted to make the most out of our last morning there. We enjoyed our last early morning walk, a delicious breakfast, and we were quickly on our way to one more horseback riding round (this time with the yayas!) and a few holes in mini golf. The zipline was under maintenance, so had to skip that one. Although we were kinda pressed with time, we managed to make it all fit. So after mini golf, we headed back to the hotel and got ready for check out.



I live for moments like these with my family!

The kids had a blast and the adults were happy!

Can’t wait for our next trip together.

Cebu here we come…. 😉



  1. The Mitchell's

    Ang Ganda nang guesting ninyo Sa “magandang buhay”
    Super achieved mo ang happy life, happy wife and fabulous Ka as a person, keep it up! God bless your good heart ❤️

  2. jhen

    Hi miss Nikka!😊 you so beautiful I admire you being a good mom and good wife! Regards to you and to your family…! God bless you😇

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