DOOMSVILLE (MAY 5-8, 2016)

26 July, 2016 - Family | Travel

It said March on the calendar. To me, March always meant the beginning of summer, or at least the start of it. I began daydreaming about how fun it would be to travel with the kids. Sometimes I would say my wishes out loud but I knew that travelling was not a priority because this year Chelsea is going to big school (how time flies!). I remember secretly praying for a “getaway” trip but what my husband didn’t know was that I had a specific place in mind – Dumaguete City, my hometown.


Dumaguete is a place close to my heart. Not only does my family come from there but also the last time I was there, Patrick and I were not together yet. (Read our love story if you haven’t yet! Hehe!) Anyway, I didn’t know how it was going to happen but I kept believing and praying for it to happen.


Fast forward to the last week of April, our Ninong Iping, out of the blue, asks us if we would like to visit Dooms! (Oh sorry, that’s just our term of endearment for Dumaguete. It’s not a bad thing. Really). Us, meaning the whole family including our dear yayas. How awesome is that? Of course our answer was a resounding YES! I was over-the-moon excited! I wasted no time and called up my Papa right away! (My Papa lives in Dumaguete).


Being the very hands-on person that I am (fine, some may call it OC), I make sure nothing is forgotten which is why I am the one who packed the bags of the girls. 4 days and 3 nights may seem like a quick stay but when you travel with 2 babies… you end up bringing 2 big maletas. Or maybe that’s just me! Better sobra than kulang right? Here is my checklist – for Chelsea: 6 diapers (She is already potty trained. In fact she refuses to wear diapers already but I still bring just in case she needs to pee pronto or if the restrooms are dirty), 6 summer dresses, 5 sleepwear, toiletries, medicine kit (a list of meds from our pedia), nebulizer, 3 swimsuits, a towel (?), a pair of sandals, slippers and of course her milk. For Patrice: a lot of diapers, 10 onesies, 5 dresses, 8 sleepwear, socks, medicine kit with thermometer, 6 blankets which she also uses to lie down on, teething toys and rattles she can play with, bibs and a million lampins because she tends to overeat (over-drink? Is that a word?) a lot and so she ends up having plenty spit-up.

I made sure everything was packed 3 days before palang. I wasn’t worried about the flight because it is a short one – only a little over an hour.

IMG_1143 IMG_1148

Come departure day (yey!), everything went smoothly! Perfect in terms of no lines, no waiting, no hassles until we got to the plane. Our flight was 1:40pm. We boarded right on time. Sat in the first 2 rows. Patrice was asleep. Chelsea was getting ready to take a nap. It was perfect. The entire plane was set to go except well…we didn’t go. We just “sat’ there. None of the flight attendants told us what was going on. They just told us to stay seated. An hour went by. Then 2. By this time, Patrice was already awake and starting to get fussy. She doesn’t like being carried for so long. She prefers to have some “personal space” (I would say coz its just too hot to be held?) and she does know how to soothe herself by sucking on her finger/thumb/knuckles/someone’s shoulder/lampin (you get my point). But that just wasn’t happening. At this point we were hitting our 3rd hour. That’s an eternity to any parent with a fussy child. To add to the “excitement”… she pooped! We rushed to get her changed because we were being prompted to sit down already. We didn’t get to thoroughly clean her. Poor Patrice cried and cried and cried. I made her latch, gave pacifier, you name it, I tried it but she was really just out of sorts. That “short” plane ride felt like forever. As soon as we landed, I was the happiest person in the world.

My Papa, his wife and my half sisters picked us up and brought us to our hotel. I was just so happy at that point that I completely forgot the ordeal in the plane. As soon as we got to our hotel, we were all smiles and filled with excitement once again. This was special! This was good! This will definitely be fun and memorable… And so our Doomsville adventure began… YAHOO!

IMG_1281(My sisters L-R) Lyca, Tyra, Bianca with my Papa and Chelsea


(with my Papa and my husbaaaand)


(Patrick, Papa and his beautiful wifey…my Tita Teri and I)


(Where we stayed)


(Tyra, Chelsea, Lyca, and my Papa) IMG_1288

(My Papa’s pet turtles… he has around 40 of them in his garden!!!!)(with Tyra and Lyca)IMG_1388(Our vacay wouldn’t be complete without swimming!)


(matchy-matchy with my baby)IMG_1401

(asuuuuuussssss…… pacuuuuute! :p)IMG_1464

(like father….like doooowter! hehehe)


As much as we wanted to extend our stay, my husband and I wanted to vote. We were going to vote!  So we decided to head back home to Manila.

Dumaguete, you are so beautiful! You have the nicest people! And the best food! DELICIOSO! (I know I gained a couple of pounds during our trip!) If I had to pick a place to retire anywhere in the world, you will undoubtedly be my choice! Til next time!


(My loves!!!! My family!!!) IMG_1618

(my super funny and kenkoy papa! #pastilan)IMG_1308

(Lyca and Tyra)IMG_1612




  1. Bem

    Hi nikka i started reading your blog since i saw you at linden suits couple of times looking after your daughter.. I started to get curious on how hands on you and your husband are with your children well i for one could not look after mine every single swimming class.. Hats off to you… Keep writing and inspiring people.

  2. missy

    kaLami basahon! ☺ i am excited to go back home soon… thanks for bringing me home through your articLe. 💖

  3. crisbinz

    Whoa..taga dumsville d.i ka ma’am? Idol nko u husband since i was a child..pati hairstyle..nya krn layo na kay upaw naman ko.. 😜😂

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