Our love story <3

16 June, 2016 - Relationship

It was an ordinary week day, I decided to go to Bridgestone to visit an old friend and buy new tires (at a good price of course) for my car. I had just graduated from college. I was trying to make the most out of my rest days before taking on my new job in a couple of weeks. I got into the job I really wanted so I was actually looking forward to it. Anyway, I was involved in Sunday school, teaching 3-5 year olds. I had a routine. Everything was in order. I was following the plan I had for myself. Until…. (dundunduuuuun……)

Back to Bridgestone, I saw my friend who was with this guy named Patrick Garcia. Believe me when I say I didn’t know much about him then. People wouldn’t believe me but I knew more about John Prats than Patrick Garcia. Im still young ya know! I was not a Tabing Ilog fan… pwede pa Gimik back then. Haha! Anyway, so we were introduced and while I waited for my new tires, Patrick started talking to me. Ok naman, it wasn’t awkward or anything nor were there sparks. It was a nice-meeting-you, see-you-around kind of thing. When I was about to leave after around an hour or so, they asked about my plans. I don’t know what came into my head but I casually blurted out, “I’m going to Dumaguete for vacation on Thursday morning! Come, it’s a beautiful place!’ Before I could take it back, they both said “Sige, sige sama kami”. And that was it. Numbers were not exchanged. No calls. No texts. Nothing.

At the airport as I waited to board, I saw Patrick again. He told me he was excited to go with me to Dumaguete. He was serious pala! I was so shocked, confused, dumb-founded. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Here was this guy I met just a few days ago and he is going with me to my hometown where I planned to spend quality time with my Dad and his family… for the first time! (Side note: growing up, I didn’t have regular communication with my Dad. It was only when I was in my 20’s that I decided to reach out and get to know him, his wife and my siblings a little more.)

So anyway…. major stress! I mean, how in the world am I going to explain this to my Dad. Why is he alone? Where is our common friend? What the hey-hey? Everyone will think he is my boyfriend! What made it worse was, the minute we landed in Dums, so many people were taking pictures! In less than 5 minutes, I got a call from my Mom. She was so mad. I mean, how can I introduce my “boyfriend” to my Dad first? She no idea I even had a “boyfriend”? Everyone knew who Patrick was and I was the girl with Patrick who cannot explain what in the world transpired. (What was he thinking?!) He was there to hang with me and because I invited him, I had to be with him. AWKWARD.

We had no choice but to get to know each other more. He spent time with me and also bonded with my sisters. He hung out with my Dad and his friends. We attended my sister’s highschool graduation. He was involved. It actually turned out really pleasant. Yes it was crazy weird and awkward but it only added spice to our budding love story.

After our trip to Dumaguete, Patrick always wanted to hang out. He would follow where I was. He wanted to be around me… until we became inseparable!

What impressed me the most with Pat was the fact that he would go where I was even if he didn’t know a single person there. He would stay where I was, try to socialize a little but mostly just be there with me. He just really wanted to spend time with ME. It didn’t matter where or what time. He was always there and I really liked that.

This holds true until today.

God gave me an amazing husband, a fantastic hands-on father to our kids and do I need to mention an incredibly handsome hunk of burning love!


There is not a single day I do not thank God for Pat.

Having him in my life is another prayer answered.






    1. jade derutas

      super naka kilig po.. ganda po ng love story.. pero ask lang miss nikka hehe kilig while asking.. pano nalaman ni patrick ang flight mo if wala kayo communication.. did he just go to the airport hoping na makita ka nya? 🙂 thanks po 🙂

  1. Mom

    If I had known then what I know now… hehe… you are truly amazing! So so so very proud of you Nik! Love you!❤

  2. Tin

    I couldn’t believe you knew very little of Patrick Garcia. He was the ultimate 90’s crush ng bayan! Hahaha. Anyway, this post made me feel like i was watching a movie. This story only happens in movies, or so i thought! You guys got a very cute love story.

  3. Naid

    How’s sweet! Patrick was my ultimate crush when i was still in high school Niks…every picture nga ako makita nia aq guntingun ug taguan…haha
    God bless you both. 😙😍😀

  4. Esther

    Wow so touching may God continue to bless ur union nikka luv d Garcia FAM soon much luv to Chelsea n pretty Patrice

  5. Rosenda Orbiso

    Love your Love story Ms Nikka. ❤️ Keep the music playing 🎶❤️ God bless you and your whole family😊

  6. Quenevie Tan

    Hi Niks.. Great that you put up a blog… Been following you on instagram coz you are such a hands on mom. I have a 5mos old baby as well, been looking at your Ig account almost everyday on how you handle two kids coz I have 2 kids as well. It’s nice to see how you, a celebrity, can be so hands on to your kids. You inspire me coz you know how post partum blues are there, adding up to your stress and when I see you post so many positive things like breastfeeding and etc. I can say to myself that even you can handle it, why can’t I… OA kaayo ko noh.. Haha.. But that’s true though.. And of course, I got to know you coz of Patrick. He was my ultimate crush, been a tabing ilog fan, and how can I forget his pure foods commercial. I even auditioned ang TV in cebu just so I can see him personally.. Haha.. Saw him dirt biking in cebu as well. Anyways, thank you for inspiring people. E regards ko ni Patrick ha? Hehe.. Bisaya pod ko like you. 😉

    1. Nikka Garcia

      I am so encouraged by your words!! Thank you so so much! I will continue to share my story as candid as it can be with the hope of encouraging and spreading nothing but good vibes. Dili jud OA! hehe I can relate kayo! Patrick sends his regards and mwah kuno! hahaha God bless you more always!!!!

  7. Cath

    Aaaw felt giddy while reading. It was like reading a romantic pocket book.:)
    Anyway, I find you interesting, nice and i feel you have a good heart. Keep inspiring.❤️

  8. WanderWoMoM | Margaux

    haha nakilig ako sobra! true everyone knows pat! Where were you?! Haha! But im also more of a G-mik fan (crushing on Carlo then… Now inseparable, not a couple but super friends) (g-mik generation tayo dear, gimik mas older sina rico yan- pero pinanood ko naman yan tatlong show na yan! Lol) but i think you guys are really destined and im always looking forward to yours posts coz it inspired me more when i dont have anything to make me inspired about.. Alamo yan.. Kisses to the pretty babies ❤️❤️

    1. Nikka Garcia

      You’re right Gmik pala!!!! hehehe thank you so much for reading! i am encouraged to keep going because of people like you!!! mwaaaaaah!!!!!! God bless you and your family always 😉

  9. Jonna

    I don’t know you but Duuuh! Patrick garcia is patrick garcia in the industry. I am become so interested to you when i follow u to instagram. I think nikka is super down to earth, beautiful inside out and super simple. Keep posting!

  10. AnnTwix

    I still vividly remember how you were sharing this love story over wine and cheese at Checs place. The twinkle in your eyes and very kilig expressions everytime you mention Pats name. Lol #MayForeverTalaga

  11. Majell Amarillas

    Hi Ms Nikka,

    I was really touched ang kilig with your love story. Patrick was my first crush as a child and I am very happy that he ended up with someone like you. I am also your follower in instagram. I really admire you as a wife and a mother not only to Chelsea and Patrice but to Jazz as well. Keep it up and God bless!

  12. Mrs.Earl

    It is truly amazing when God writes your lovestory! 😍 A God-fearing husband is an ultimate blessing. By the way, Patrick was also my crush wayback elementary days. 😊😆

  13. J

    You are a very good person, that’s why you’re so blessed, you get what you give that’s why the Lord have given you back a hundredfolds. Hope to meet tou some day 🙂

    1. Nikka Garcia

      awww…. I believe i am blessed because our God is just so good. I am not perfect but I promise that in everything that i do, I will glorify and praise Him always! Likewise, see you soon 😉

  14. chubby

    Hi! Enjoyed reading your blogs… Cant wait for your next post:) Love your IG posts also, looking forward for more pics of you and your beautiful family:) #familygoals

  15. chubby

    Hello! I enjoyed reading your blogs:) hope to see more of your posts here and in your IG. Kindly post more pictures of your beautiful family:) #familygoals

  16. Tiret Sayao

    I am a patnix fan…. and i admire you miss nikka for being a very good wife to patrick and an amazing mom to chelseywelsey and pretty patrice. God bless….😊

  17. jade derutas

    super crush ng pinsan ko si patrick nung teenager days.. she even have posters sa room nya. then when patrick and jolina went to iloilo.. my cousin even went to the mall and almost go near by patrick.. she was sooo kilig daw 🙂

  18. jade derutas

    hi im sooo kilig by ur love story.. patrick garcia.. the super crush of my cousin and me too… but miss nikka ask lang pano nalaman ni patrick na nasa airport kana kung no communication kayo? did he just go there hoping na nandun ka? pano sa ticket? meron na ba? pano ang flight magkasabay if theres no communication at all hehe just curious… mwah. thanks.. pls say hi to my crush patrick garcia.. 🙂 im also ur follower in IG.. 🙂 🙂 im a fan

  19. Alania Mamad

    I thought ang love story nmen husband q pnka nkka kilig pro may kparehas pala aq ng storya!! Hahaha i enjoyed reading ur blogs at super kkakilig!! .. You desrves all the blessings in the world girl! I am a big fan of Patrick wayback ang tv at gmik pa.. love u both!! Keep it up!

  20. Mary

    Hi Nikka! you really inspire me! always looking forward your new post everyday as in everyday :D. I’m your husband fan and your’s too anyway 🙂 God Bless always your hearts desire! more post please 🙂

  21. Xanne

    Yours is one of the cutest love stories Nikka. I got kilig reading it. Looking forward for more blogs from you. I admire how you are as a mom. Glad to know we have the same hometown.

  22. Analiza

    Number one fan here from italy….love you as a couple and family…you are an inspiration to me….keep it up mrs garcia!!!!

  23. Bernice

    Hi Nikka,

    So love your story… God is truly good. He gives us what we need in His time. God bless you and your family! 😊❤️😘

  24. Bernice

    Hi Nikka,

    So love your story. Truly God is good. He gives us what we deserve in His own time. God bless you and your family! 😊❤️😘

  25. Mari Vic

    Patrick Garcia was my ultimate crush Ang Tv days pa. You’re so lucky to have him and of course he’s so lucky to have you too. You both look good together and what an amazing love story.. Very interesting and right after i just finished reading it, it was like bitin. More of your love story please… 😊

  26. Denia

    Hi nikka nag enjoy ko ug basa sa inyo love story. Crush kau nako na c patrick sa ona pag hiskul pako. Hahahaha pari ako notebooks kana jud naa face ni patrick ako paliton hahahaha iso baya saona mga artista naa sa notebookz. Love u niks. God bless

  27. sweetnovember

    So I was intrigued to read ur love story. (Nosy! Haha!) I was a super fan of Patrick back in the days. I remember when my sister interviewed Pat and Jolina (I’m a Jolina fan,too) in their radio station in Cebu, she called me telling me to come to the station to see him. I rushed but not a lot of jeepney going to the station so I was late and didn’t get to see Patrick! Waaahh! 😭 But my sis asked for Pat’s autograph and I kept it! When I learned about him having a relationship with Jen I wasn’t happy. When I learned about him getting married to u, I wasn’t happy either. In short, ako ra gyud siya! In my dreams! Haha! Ilusyonada! But gikilig kos inyong love story. I like you now! I can see how lucky Patrick is to have u as his wife. I like that u respond to ur readers, too. Now I’m ur IG follower. Keep the love burning! Say hi to Patrick for me, pretty please! God bless ur family!

    1. Nikka Garcia

      Hahahahah! Kyot kaayo ka! Thank you so much for reading our story! ❤️ appreciate all the kind words you said…if only you guys know how kilig I get reading your comments. He says hello and thank you pud for the love and support you continue to show him! May God bless you and your entire family so much more😊

  28. Pee Gee

    Patrick is my ultimate celebrity crush since ang tv days. ☺️ Grabe nakakakilig ang love story niyo! I hope and pray that your love for each other will be till eternity! God bless you always!

  29. Cindy Antila

    Patrick Garcia was my ultimate crush when I was young. You are so lucky to have him Ms. Nikka ❤️ but he is beyond blessed to have you 😊 Maka kilig inyong love story! 😍
    May forever indeed 💕

  30. Bullet

    Ngayon ko Lang nabasa ‘to.. Hehe anyway, what a lovely and cute story. Parang fairytale, yung idol ko nagawa yung ganung adventure with strangers and at it was a happy forever moments na pala niya with you. Truly admire his lovestory with you Nikka!
    <3 <3 <3

  31. Gwen

    OMG! So taga Dumaguete ka pala. Wow! Taga Negros din ako pero sa kabukiran na ng Sibulan, not too far from Dumaguete. I became your instant fan nung mabasa ko latest blog mo, as in now lang. Keep rockin’ hot momma!

  32. Cressy

    Hello Nikka!! I just loved reading ur blogs particularly this😍. Patrick is my ultimate crush in the 90’s (until now..lol) And knowing a person as beautiful as u (in &out), a Woman after God’s heart, is his wife, Lipay nkaayo ko ana! He is extra swerte and “blessed” to have u!.. Keep d love burning and May God always be d center of u two..😍😍😍

  33. cressy

    Hello Nikka! Patrick is my
    Ultmate crush duting the 90’s and until n0w..hehe.. And knowing a person as lovely as you, with a beautiful heart, and so spritually driven,is his wife, I can really say that truly Pat is more than blessed to have u..😀 keep d love burning as God is d center of u two😍. Godbless sa inyo!

  34. Jewel Lacerna

    Hi Nikka! this is worth reading…Kilig..

    I hope I can read more blogs and inspiring stories from you!

  35. Nica Lopez

    Nikka pat is my ultimate crush too… Hahhahaha! Everytime mom wants to bring me to manila i will always ask if wer going to visit pat… And seeing ur blog with ur name nikka as well made me smile atleast kapangalan ko pa rin pinakasalan nya… Hahhahaha! Dami ko kasing pics ni pat noon… Walang absent sa tabing ilog…. Hehehhe!
    But really im inspired with ur love story, sobrang kinilig ako… Niresearch ko talaga how u people met 😍😍😍 amazing… When it’s God’s perfect plan things fall so perfect as well… God bless u both… Stay tune in HIS WILL

  36. Madelaine Ico

    My boyfriend was kinda like Patrick, he loves to be there whenever I am. We were also INSEPARABLE! Love it Ms. Nix! <3

  37. andrea

    hi nikka, i remember this so well. i was seated at your back in SU gym because i also attended the HS graduation of my nephew. i really thought you’re a couple then. i even had a picture of you and Pat with me behind without you knowing it, hehehe, sorry for that! thank you and god bless your family always.

  38. May

    You seem like a very nice person:) God bless your beautiful family. Ang ganda basahin ng blog mo.. feel good lang!

  39. Jhuls

    I remember I used to collect Patrick’s photos when I was in high school. I had this photo album (you know, it was uso during the 90’s to give photo album as a gift) and full of pictures of him. There was also vendors selling signed photos of him and I’d always buy. I always adored him and John Pratts, too. 😀

    Anyway, this story is really inspiring and I am inlove with your story. I admire your heart and your love to your family.

    God bless you, Nikka. x

  40. Ruzinibelle

    Your love story is super inspiring. I am listening to the song: oceans (where feet may fail) and for some strange reason I searched miss rica peralejo’s instagram account and then I saw her post( a picture with you miss nikka) and then I realized ooooh kaya ko siguro sinearch si rica peralejo because gustong-gusto ko yung hair colors niyo and gagawin kong peg. and then i clicked your account and I browse and scroll (super beautiful po ng mga kids mo) and then nakita ko na may blog ka. In my 20 years of existence in this modern, #millenial culture, this is just my first time to read a blog. And nakakainspire na nabasa ko yung mga stories mo. Lately part of my prayers is someday I will be with the right guy, the perfect one for me from God , and that I’ll meet him at the right time and at the right place. Nakakatuwa lang na ending up with a good guy and having a happy family is not impossible. I bacame a fan of you and someday i hope to have a wonderful family also. I think going to your account is God’s way of inspiring me and showing me to always always do what is good and choose to be with the right people. Thank you and I look forward to read your future posts. Have a blessed and wonderful October!Godbless!

  41. Jex Ayupan

    Hi nikka after i watch you in magandang buhay now i did not expected that you are the wife of Patrick already. Patrick and his mom is our valued customer in Virramall since year 2000 if i am not mistaken, please mention to him the name oscar who always repair and fix his laptop. But anyway, everybody says that Patrick is a “suplado” we don’t know but every time he is visiting us in our shop he so kind naman. By the way nikka i am an ilonngo from Bacolod City but know how to speak cebuano also because the root of my grandfather are came from Escalante and Cebu. Thank you for your sharing of your life to us our family are also born again christian dinhi me ga worship pud sa Victory BGC. I hope to see you guys to be more happier to the near future. Please extend my regards to Patrick ha. Ingna sya basig kenanglan nya sa mga security gadgets like mga CCTV camera sa inyohang balay or sa car he just text me lang. i know Patrick loves gadget hehe. He can email me kung me naa sya time. God Bless your family always!

  42. churchill

    Have read this story 3 times na.but i am not tired of reading it again and again haha.. it feels like im reading a novel ganda ng story nyo pala.. grabe.. super kilig and iniimagine ko how happy you are and lucky ksi napaka guapo ng husband mo and i never expect na ganon sya kabait and he has that unlimited patience for you. Wow! God has blessed you a perfect man.

  43. Xyrah Rubio

    I am a single mother of a 4 year old beautiful girl and your love story really inspired me to wait on God’s perfect timing. ❤️

  44. yeuuey

    Hi Nikka! I’m curious about Patrick’s thoughts when he was with you in Dumaguete. Pls do a write up on this too. 🙂 I enjoyed reading your blog as if you and your readers are having a chitchat face to face. I could imagine you and your animated actions. Thumbs up! You have the makings of a great writer. Continue to be genuine and inspiring. God bless your family <3

  45. Tintin

    I just started reading your blog…this story is quite funny and super kilig…i had a look of your pictures and ur super simple but really pretty…

  46. mera

    oh nikka your such an inspiration your truly blessed sa imo 2 adorable kids and kind hearted husband keep posting your blog i love to read god bless you family

  47. Janna Agnes

    Ka cute sa love story oi! ❤️ Ug naa kos airport apil nakos nag pa picture ni Patrick pag abot ninyo. Thank you for sharing your story, Nikka. God is just so good to both of you. God bless! 😊

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