08 January, 2017 - Baby | Family | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship

What a month this was!!!

There’s a saying – “HEALTH IS WEALTH” ……. and i couldn’t agree more!

This was the very first time my family including myself experienced getting sick altogether. It is only by God’s grace and strength that we were able to get over that entire month better… better than ever! Just in time for the holidays!

I have always believed that “PREVENTION is better than cure”. And because I am very hands-on, I can easily observe and…


07 January, 2017 - Baby | Family | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship

It has been quite awhile since my last entry. Reason being SO MANY things have happened which I will be sharing with you in the coming days — from the four of us taking turns getting flu, the holiday craze, to the preparations of yearly celebrations and so on. I actually have so many things to share with you and I WILL…. I am just taking it all in – easy and slowly, so I can savor the journey and share the details better. But first, let me just greet all of you, my wonderful readers –


I am extremely…

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