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My husband, Pat and I have always enjoyed watching movies together. As far as I can remember we would sneak in movie dates to the cinemas weekly. This was before we had our girls. When they came along, we were still be able to sneak in a nice movie once in awhile during times when our girls take their naps or when they go to bed early, but hardly ever in the cinemas. Mostly we watch from home. We would binge watch different TV series and movies (altho this would be limited to whatever would be available on cable TV). During weekends, we see to it that we bond as a family while watching movies that our girls would enjoy. A tradition we’ve started and will continue to do – precious movie date nights with my husband and with our girls. So in short, we are big on movies in the Garcia household!

And then I get this invitation… and I am so excited to share with you what happened in the event I was recently a part of. PLDT Home, the leading telco and digital service provider, is bringing the Smart Home suite of services to Filipino families with a string of partnerships with leaders in retail and entertainment. The company has announced new partnerships with Roku Inc., Netflix (!!), Amazon (!!), and iWantTV! I mean seriously, how cool is this? And there’s more!

PLDT’s Smart Home is a home where digital innovations advance the security, safety convenience and entertainment experiences at home and beyond. It is built on the following pillars that have convinced me that this is really the best!!! –

  1. Connectivity – I personally believe that they have the fastest (up to 1 Gig!) and most powerful broadband, PLDT Home Fibr. My family has always subscribed to PLDT Home Fibr, which is why when I got married and moved into our very own home, I knew that it was going to be PLDT Home Fibr in our home as well. I do not recall having any complaints with the services. In fact, I have been able to browse multiple websites in high-speed connectivity allowing me to upload and download at the same time.
  2. Peace of Mind – Being a parent, don’t we all want peace of mind when we are not at home?? Though I work from the house, there are still times when I have to step out by myself and leave my girls at home. For this reason, it is such a plus to be able to have a home monitoring system through the FamCam – a multi-functional kid friendly gadget. Have I convinced you yet?!
  3. World-class entertainment – YOU HAD ME AT NETFLIX! From the well-loved kid-friendly content like games and e-books for my girls (Disney), sports for the husband (Fox Sports, NBA Premium) and well, for me, Netflix (yey!) and iWant TV (double yey!) various movies/series! I am excited while typing all of this! Hahaha!
  4. Convergence and automation – PLDT Home has pioneered the convergence of wired and wireless connection through data-sharing feature. They have revolutionized the way my family can share and enjoy high-speed connection especially in our mobile accounts.

Having said all of these, I am so happy to be able to be part of such an amazing event. All of these have truly contributed to making things easier and more convenient in my home. I have been a loyal customer of PLDT and its products. I believe in this brand and I will continue to recommend this company to my family and my friends!

Congratulations PLDT HOME!!!!!


The grand PLDT ‘Smart Home’ launch with partners Roku, iWant TV, iflix, Netflix, Amazon and more


Seamless gaming and entertainment made possible with PLDT Home Fibr’s powerful broadband connection


The modern and functional PLDT ‘Smart Home



With Dimples Romana and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio


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