Sleeping time Garcia-style

22 January, 2017 - Baby | Family | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Uncategorized

Ever since I gave birth to Michelle, she has always slept in between me and my husband. I breastfed her purely and directly for an entire year so I’ve gotten used to sleeping with her by our side. She is now three and this routine has carried on. Except now, she sleeps on her own bed beside our bed (Patrick’s side) BUT still moves in between us in the middle of the night. Patrice, on the other hand, sleeps in a playpen on my side of the bed…until recently, when she started waking up in the middle of the night insisting to sleep in between me and Pat also…

(Photo above is the IDEAL… usually how it starts but definitely CHANGES throughout the night.)

#TheStruggleIsReal… My husband and I have found ourselves moving these two back and forth from our beds to theirs. Sometimes we barely sleep because of this crazy routine. It starts like this – Patrice sleeps beside me and when she is in a deep sleep, I move her to her playpen. Michelle waits for Patrice to be moved then goes between us to sleep. When Patrice wakes up, I wake up Pat to move Michelle so that I can again put Patrice to sleep and the pattern continues through the night.


You might wonder, why cant we all just sleep on our bed? WELL…. It’s not that simple. Patrice and Michelle are so malikot!!! I mean, Michelle has a habit of playing with my hair to fall asleep and as she does this, she makes “SIKSIK” her feet or her hands wherever she can! Under our tummies, armpits, in between legs! Hay nako talaga! Is this normal? Patrice, on the other hand, is just waaaay more malikot than Michelle ever was at this age. I mean this girl rolls, jerks, crawls, twirls, head-butts, hits and bumps anything in her way. And it hurts ha! She’s one strong girl! It’s almost impossible to sleep soundly with her on the bed because the possibility of her falling is HUGE! I’ve tried to wrap a blanket around her with pillows surrounding her but NOPE! She can roll over them all and find her way out. One time Pat and I watched how she does it and I’ve gotta say…. TALENT! Career! Hahaha!

We have experienced having both of them on the bed with us but I woke up with bruises and I think Pat woke up to check if his nose was still in tact. No joke!


In spite of all the complaining and groaning tho, at the end of the day, WE SERIOUSLY WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY. Hehehe! We have talked about it many times and every time our only solution is… to have a bigger mattress but this time on the floor. We love to sleep with the girls. And we will sleep with them until the time they themselves want to sleep in their own rooms! Til then, I will stick to the saying – SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! Soldier on….zzzzzz…. Hahaha!

(The photo above is the REALITY… HAHA! :p )



  1. Jhing

    ahehe super relate din po ako sa inyo my daughter also is breastfeed for 2years and sa middle din sya natutulog until now..but in my case hinihipo nya yung tits ko before sya makatulog ahaha and super likot din..

  2. Sheryl Panis

    I also have the same issue with my daughter who is now 7 year old.. She make siksik her hands and feet under my tummy or whatsoever she makes her feel comfort.. Ganun ata tlga pag breastfeed… Sometimes she holds my breast until she falls asleep.. Kaloka.. 😋😋

  3. Ehm

    Parents have different perspectives when it comes to this. In my situation, I wanted my daughter to sleep by herself once she turned 1.Then it turned to 2 lol. It was hard coz she cried everytime we put her to bed.Then I realized, why are we forcing her to sleep in her own room if she’s not ready? So we decided to let her sleep with us. She scratches my arm to go to sleep or scratches my husband’s nipple hahaha. she was 2 and half when we moved.She got excited with her new room and decided to sleep there!Of course we were so happy!Sometimes she still wakes up around 5am and goes to our room which is fine with us. I realized that she will grow so fast and sooner or later she wouldnt want to sleep with us at all anymore so I am just making the most of it until the day comes!

    I love reading your stories in your blog Nikka!Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Bhelle

    Relate din ako sa 3yeears old ko na girlnaku amoy amuyin and hawak hawak hair ko before mag sleep and yong 1yr old kong girl din naku ikot dito ikot doon nakakaloka struggle is real tlga. Pag nagka bahay kami papagawa kami ng Double queen size na higaan para kasya kaming lahat hahaha 😀

  5. LoveLeighton

    So cute 🙂 I have a 1 year old daughter and she technically OWNS our bed. How much more if we have 2? baka evicted na kameng mag-asawa 😀

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