12 July, 2018 - Family | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship

To all the Mommas – have you ever experienced totally losing it and while holding your child tightly in a totally not-loving way, scream at her (or him) to stop?


I did. 🙁


And I promise myself that I will never do that ever again.


Michelle is quite mature for her age. She knows how to listen and obey. She usually knows when to stop being kulit and can tell if her Daddy and I are no longer pleased with her behavior. Sometimes I forget that she is only 5 years old – with the way she responds to me and how she can really explain herself, its like she’s…

THREEnager! #thestruggleisreal

20 July, 2016 - Baby | Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship

How to survive a THREE year old.


GAAAAAH! This has got to be one of the toughest topics ever because, to be honest, my husband and I are still finding our way. Figuring out how to do this every single day.


Chelsea is a VERY VERY SUPER intelligent child (as all parents would say of their kids but hear me out). At such a young age, she has really amazed me with the way she communicates – her vocabulary and body language when she speaks – I find myself stunned and speechless sometimes. One time she told me that I…