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What a month this was!!!

There’s a saying – “HEALTH IS WEALTH” ……. and i couldn’t agree more!

This was the very first time my family including myself experienced getting sick altogether. It is only by God’s grace and strength that we were able to get over that entire month better… better than ever! Just in time for the holidays!

I have always believed that “PREVENTION is better than cure”. And because I am very hands-on, I can easily observe and spot if flu is on its way. And once I do, I usually preempt by bombarding with vitamins, giving them organic supplements, doubling up on liquids, doing another general cleaning of all toys and the entire room. But I guess this time around, we just had to go through it and let it take its course.

The start of November, Michelle started sneezing. The minute she did three in a row the warning alarm went off in my head. But no matter what “prevention” I did, she got the bug! She missed out a week and a half of school because even if at first she was only coughing and had colds, I did not want the other children to get hawa. Sue enough, even after making her wear a mask at home, Patrice showed the same symptoms. They both got flu – colds, cough and fever. It was so hard! When the girls don’t feel well, they usually get extra clingy to me. So it was quite challenging to juggle both of them, taking turns sleeping on me through the night. Though I had help from my beloved husband, I guess iba talaga pag-nanay! The fever would come and go although I was not as worried because their disposition naman during the day was okay and so was their appetite. Nighttime was a different story though. They would be coughing out phlegm, which sometimes forced them to vomit. Mid- November, my husband started to get fever as well. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, so did I! Plus, I lost my voice. BOY WAS IT HARD!!!! I struggled so much with everything happening sabay sabay! Sometimes I would cry in the bathroom, away from my loved ones so that I can spare them from the worry. I can honestly say that it is only by the Grace of God I was able to make sure everyone was okay. I made an effort to get as much rest as I could because if I wasn’t going to get better, baka magkahawaan lang ulit. Note that I was very much in touch with our family pedia/doctor whom we love so much! Dr. Ome Nuguid has truly been there for us and I cannot thank him enough.

I guess sickness is part of life. It is inevitable. It is a time wherein our immune system is getting stronger. All I know is that health is something to be grateful for. It is something that we should never take for granted. Let us never forget to THANK HIM who gives us the peace, rest, strength like no other because He loves us unconditionally.

All glory and praise to God!


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