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08 July, 2016 - Lifestyle | Motherhood | Relationship | Travel

So we got engaged!!!

We were both in cloud9, 10, 11 actually.

We didn’t know how to start, where to start, who to talk to, etc. We were just happy. SO HAPPY! It came out in the news and we even did several interviews (scariest thing everrrrr hahaha). A couple of days after our engagement, we were contacted by Charisse Tinio (at that time she was an acquaintance whom I met thru the Kramers).

She called me up and told me she wanted to help us make our dream wedding happen. Just like that, God instantly paved the way and we were blessed to have met our wedding fairy godmother.

She wanted to help us… and she did!

During our talks, I would always wonder why she was doing all of this. I couldn’t believe someone would go out of her way to help in this capacity. But now that it’s all done, I can honestly say that she genuinely just wanted to share our joy with nothing in return. Seeing couples do the right thing by making a lifelong commitment to each other – that incredible milestone of their life – brings her so much joy and that is her reward. I guess she enjoyed her wedding so much, she wanted all brides to experience the same.

She asked us what we wanted and presented us with several options. We started planning our PRENUP pictorial. We wanted to do it in the beach. She suggested Balesin. Since we heard how beautiful this place is and we both haven’t seen it, we decided to go and shoot there..

It was a beautiful place! We went with such a fun group of people! It was absolutely amazing! Truly memorable!!!

Gave me more butterflies just thinking about our wedding day!!! <3

I will stop here and let our pictures do the talking… 😉 ENJOY!

(All Photos by: Niceprint Photography / Makeup up by: Madge Lejano / Hair by Steve Pagsanjan)

IMG_9311IMG_9293 IMG_9294IMG_7991IMG_7443IMG_7461IMG_8549IMG_7509IMG_8557IMG_8782 IMG_9182 IMG_9219 IMG_9343 IMG_7760 IMG_7903 IMG_7955 IMG_8339 IMG_8362IMG_8665 IMG_8670 IMG_8689 IMG_8725 IMG_7596 IMG_8407 IMG_9480 5 7 IMG_9065 IMG_8765 IMG_8586 24 IMG_9174IMG_7549-2IMG_7568IMG_8874IMG_7558IMG_7738IMG_7744IMG_7791IMG_8252IMG_8308 IMG_8264

IMG_8933 IMG_8607 IMG_8619


P.S. Char and Jibby…and to the entire Niceprint team… thank you from the very bottom of our hearts! <3





  1. Maricel B. Caringal

    Super beautiful shots….love ❤️ Your blog😘 I will keep on following you Nikka 😊.

    Your sister in Chirst

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